Difference between a regular item and an enchanted item.

Enchanting is a staple feature in the Fate series. Enchanting allows you to empower your equipment with special stat boosts and to add sockets to your equipment to further empower them. There are three ways to get enchanted items: to buy an enchantment from an enchanter in town, find a Magic Anvil in the dungeon, and to find equipment in the dungeon already enchanted. The equipment that can be enchanted are helmets, armor, gloves, boots, capes, weapons, and jewelry.

Natark the EnchanterEdit


Natark the Enchanter

To enchant your equipment for a fee, you can go to Natark the Enchanter in the southeastern area of Ekbatan. The price for an enchanment depends on the base value of the equipment you are enchanting. A good method (which may seem like cheating to others) to get perfectly enchanted equipment is to save your game before you start enchanting your gear. This way, if you get enchantments you don't want or your item becomes cursed, you can Alt-Tab out of Fate and close it without saving. This will prevent you from spending too much money or becoming too frustrated with the game.

Magic AnvilsEdit


Magic Anvils work just as buying enchantments do, although they are completely free of charge. Because of this, they are only found randomly throughout the dungeon. The anvil has a chance to not enchant your item at all, or even destroy it, making it a bit riskier than the enchanter. The method stated above can be used to get extremely valuable gear, although this may be considered cheating to others.

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