Consumables are items that disappear after being used.


If a character has sufficient Magic, and enough space in their spellbook, they may right-click a spell to learn it. Afterwards it may be selected as the active spell in the spellbook or assigned to hotkeys F1-F12 by... For more detail, see Spells.


Fish transform your pet for varying lengths of time depending on the quality of the fish, or permanently with a Flawless fish. Pets can be transformed back into their normal forms by feeding them a Dogfish or waiting for a temporary transformation to end. Different types of fish transform your pet into different creatures, with different stat changes. For more detail, see Fishing.

Potions and CharmsEdit

Books and ScrollsEdit



Keys are used to open locked chests in the dungeons. They can be obtained from monsters, Thalleus the Traveller, or Fishing.

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