A new feature in Fate: The Cursed King is the ability to recruit allies to form a party. Allies have their own manageable inventory, stats, skills, the ability to learn their own spells, and three seperate AI's to follow. Allies level up and gain renown just as you do, and you have the ability to distribute the stat and skill points they earn to your liking. 

Recruiting Allies Edit

The ability to recruit allies is unlocked once you hit level 10. You can then recruit more allies at levels 20 and 30, up to a maximum of 3 in your party. To recruit allies, you must speak with Absalta the Recruiter in the southeastern area of Ekbatan. Absalta offers various different characters that you can recruit as an ally for a certain amount of gold. These characters and their stats are dependent on the player's level, so lower level players recruit weaker allies and higher level players can recruit more powerful allies. You can also recruit characters you have created yourself, but they usually cost considerably more gold.

Absalta the recruiter

Absalta in game.


Menu of recruiting allies in game.

Manageable InventoryEdit

Allies have their own managable inventories, which is helpful if you decide to go deep delving and sending your pet to town takes far too long. Their inventories are the same size as the player's inventory. Ally inventories have the ability to auto-sort items and have two weapon sets. Because of them having a manageable inventory, this allows you to equip them with whatever equipment you like. This enables you to customize your ally to fit any play style you could desire.

Customizable Stats, Skills, and SpellsEdit

Allies level up and gain fame just as you do, so you are able to distribute the stat and skill points they earn to your liking. Allies are also able to learn spells and cast them on their own. Just like the player, they have a maximum level, renown, and amount of spells they can learn. 

AI Selections [all 3 need testing!]Edit

There are three different AI the player can select from that their allies can use: Offensive, Defensive, and Supportive. 

Ally inv

How to change AI in game.



The offensive AI is better suited for tanky/fighter allies who rush into battle, absorb all the damage and fight within melee range. Allies with this AI will attack any and all enemies on sight and won't back down until all enemies are killed or they are killed themselves.


The defensive AI is better suited for archers/mages who sit in the back and use long range abilities. Allies with this AI will attack enemies on sight, but will run away from enemies if they are directly damaged by enemies. 


The supportive AI is better suited for mages that specialize in healing themselves and allies. [more info pending]


When one of your allies die, it will take a few minutes for them to completely revive. But, you can revive them immediately using Potions Of Revival.

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